Stealing Broomtails

Our Story…

A remote small town in near the Hudson Valley of New York finds itself in the sights of modern day horse rustlers targeting Standardbred Champion Harness Race Horses.

Several nights, 17-year-old Native American, Sierra, dreams of a horse named SHAKESPEARE and her Native father she lost several years ago due to a horse accident. While riding back to a standardbred horse farm with her 2 best friends she comes across a new horse there, the horse in her dreams, who has been severely injured, unworthy of racing, with the possibility of being sold off at auction where the ruthless rustlers can obtain them and sell them to the slaughtering pens in Mexico and Canada for their horsemeat. Sierra and her friends set out to free Shakespeare and coincidentally lead undercover US Marshals and local law enforcement to the capture of some of the rustlers.

Last year, over 55,000 horses were stolen in the U.S. for the purpose of illegal slaughter and human consumption. It has become an estimated annual 100-million-dollar black market industry fueled by unspeakable cruelty to its victims.

Local authorities will have to rely on a band of misfit teenagers playing the unlikely heroes to unravel their plans and corral them in the act.

With a strong bond to a special horse and their love for the American way of life, the teenagers are inspired to ride into danger, unaware they are being sought after by the authorities, and save the day — leaving their worried parents to come to terms with their own faults in parenting. They are strengthened by the patriarch’s faith and conviction, who prays daily for the family and the community to trust God to make the right decisions.

Stealing Broomtails tackles such issues as animal cruelty, racism, bullying, loss, substance abuse, native family dynamics and the fabulous action-packed family sport of Harness Racing.

This film will roundup your heart while setting free your inner child’s sense of wonder.

What’s Next…

We will be making contributions from the movie’s proceeds to non-profit Horse Rescue & Training Missions across the country so they can obtain these horses and train them for new careers: police horses, cattle ranching or some child’s pet to love and care for. 

Please help us by donating to: Invest in Stealing Broomtails or if you prefer: Crowdfundr 

Set to film in beautiful Upstate New York – 2024